Resources for Professors and Students

Our textbook eSources provide teaching materials for instructors and study aids for students on select Baker Academic textbooks. These resources are custom-designed to help readers expand upon the content in the book.


Professors and other instructors can apply for an instructor account to access eSources content such as test banks, Powerpoints, discussion prompts, and pedagogical suggestions.

Verified instructors will also enjoy these perks:
• Everyday 40% discount on Baker Academic books
• An easy and fast way to request free exam copies to evaluate for courses
• Professor-exclusive eSources content


Access chapter outlines, assets, study guides, and more to help you thrive in your studies and gain a deeper understanding of the text.

Student eSources include:
• Flash cards
• Practice quizzes
• Chapter summaries
• Videos
• Study questions
• Assets from the text

Introductory Textbooks with eSources

Language Textbooks with eSources

All Books with eSources

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an LMS cartridge?

A cartridge is a test bank that has been converted into a file that can be imported directly into your school’s learning management system (LMS). We offer cartridges for select textbooks. If a book has cartridges available, a banner will display on its eSources Downloads page.

Is this cartridge compatible with my school’s LMS?

We offer our cartridges in three formats: Blackboard, Moodle, and IMS Common Cartridge version 1.0, which will work in ANGEL, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Sakai, and other LMSs.

How do I request a book’s LMS cartridge?

Email us directly at We only have cartridges available for books that have a banner on their eSources Downloads page.

Online Practice Quizzes

Why aren’t quizzes showing on my browser?

Please note that you will need to have third-party cookies enabled in your browser in order to take the quizzes. If you have third-party cookies disabled or are otherwise unable to complete the quizzes, please visit the link located at the bottom of each embedded quiz to take the quiz directly on

Gaining Access to Locked eSources

I’m a professor and I can’t access professor eSources. How do I get access?

To get access, you must create an account with us and verify your instructor status. Once your status is verified, you will automatically be able to access all professor eSources including test banks, teaching Powerpoints, and more.

I’ve been verified as an instructor, but I can't seem to access professor eSources.

Your instructor status may have expired. Please submit verification again to become re-approved.

Do my students need to create an account to access student eSources?

No. All accounts and guests can see student eSources by default. Only professor eSources are restricted.


My textbook used to come with a CD but doesn’t anymore. How can I access those materials?

We have uploaded all resources from CDs to our eSources website. You should find materials from the CD on the book’s eSources page.

How do I request a test bank?

Test banks are available directly through the book’s eSources page. Only verified instructors have access to them.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email us at with any questions, concerns, or feedback.