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To serve you better, we have created this list of Frequently Asked Questions. There are two sections, Order Support and Academic Support. Please look through the list to see if we have addressed your concern.

Academic Support

How do I request an exam or desk copy?
Visit the Request Exam (or Desk) copy page for more information.
Instructor verification is required.
If you have further questions about exam and desk copies, please email us at

What is instructor verification?
Instructor verification confirms your employment as an instructor. We will need this verification to send you a complimentary exam or desk copy.
If you verify your instructor information, you will be able to:
• Get a 40% discount on all Baker Academic books
• Request complimentary exam copies
• Save institution, course, and contact information for future requests
If you have further questions about instructor verification, please email us at

I would like a textbook recommendation for a class I am teaching.
Visit the Textbook Recommendation page for more information and to submit a request.

How do I request a book for review copy or a book an author for an interview?
Visit the Media Information page for more information.

How do I submit a book proposal to Baker Academic?
Visit the Submit a Proposal page for more information.

Order Support

How do I edit my order?
After your order has been submitted, any changes will likely require you to contact us at
You can view your orders by signing in and navigating to My Account > Order History > Order Details.

How do I check the status of my order?
Access your order history by visiting your account: My Account > Order History.

My order is incorrect or arrived damaged.
Please contact us at

Why is my credit card charge from Baker Book House?
Orders are processed and fulfilled by Baker Book House, an affiliate of Baker Academic.

Am I being charged twice for my pre-order?
When you pre-order a title, your credit card is not immediately charged. The charge is shown as pending for a few days. When your order ships, your credit card will officially be charged for the correct amount. In some situations, two different charges are shown, a pending charge and an official charge with a penny difference. You have not been charged twice. This pending charge will be resolved in deletion after a few days.

My bank statement indicates that the payment for my order is recurring. Why?
Our credit card processor pre-authorizes your card for the purchase amount. If you pre-order a book or purchase one that doesn't ship right away, the initial pre-authorization hold will be removed from your credit card after a few days as we do not finalize charges until books are shipped. We want to ensure that you are only charged when your books are on their way. In some cases, a bank may identify a purchase as a 'recurring' charge. This is due to the gap between the pre-authorization and the actual payment capture. You will not be charged multiple times for your online purchases.

I'm consistently encountering an error while trying to check out.
If the error is not your own (invalid address or invalid payment method), please contact us at

How do I implement my tax-exempt status?
Access the Exemption Information page by visiting My Account > Exemption Information. Once there you can select "Add a New Exemption" and the site will walk you through the process of adding your exemption information.

Do you ship internationally?
Please visit our International Information page.

I have a question for the Baker Academic team not addressed above.
Please email us at