A Catholic Biblical Theology of the Sacraments

4 Books

From the Series Preface: Catholic theology operates with the conviction that the deposit of faith—that which theology seeks to understand—has been brought to completion in Jesus Christ, is reliably transmitted in Scripture and Tradition, and is authentically interpreted by the Church’s teaching office (see Dei Verbum 7–10). Accordingly, the teaching of the Catholic Church is the initium fidei or starting point of faith for theological reflection. The series does not aim primarily to demonstrate the truth of Catholic sacramental doctrine but to understand it more deeply. The purpose of the series, in short, is to foster a deeper appreciation of God’s gifts and call in the sacraments through a renewed encounter with his Word in Scripture.

Praise for the CBTS Series

“This excellent series will help Catholics appreciate more and more both the relationship between Word and Sacrament and how the sacraments are grounded
in the riches of Scripture.”—Thomas D. Stegman†, SJ, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry